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Welcome To Nidan Seva Sansthan
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NIDAN SEVA SANSTHAN was established in the year 2009 by a few like-minded persons who were doing sporadic social activities individually and used to share their experiences. It was felt by them that individual efforts towards any social cause fall short to bring about any visible impact. Rather concerted efforts are necessary for which the available resources need to be pooled under a single banner say a society dedicated to a common cause i.e. social service. In order to give shape to this thought a social service society named NIDAN SEVA SANSTHAN ( in short NIDAN ) was constituted and registered under the Rajasthan Society Registration Act, under registration no. 723/2009-10. Gradually, as the philosophy of NIDAN and selfless dedication of its members spread, other like-minded people joined the drive and dedicated themselves to the social cause. As of now, members of NIDAN are highly experienced professionals and representing various walks of life viz. Banking, Accountancy, Judiciary, Health, Business, Industry etc. However, all of them have one common aim which is to render selfless social service particularly for the benefit of the rural population in the state of Rajasthan. Since its inception team NIDAN has been quite active in realizing all the objectives enshrined in its constitution. Looking to the lack of awareness among rural population about proper eye- care which sometimes leads to blindness, NIDAN made the eye-care as its focus area. Team NIDAN has been very aggressive since beginning and has so far organised 170 Free eye camps in urban and rural area of Rajasthan till 28th May 2017.
"Providing help & aid to poor to improve their life & living standards"
"Providing free education to Poor Children"
"Take care and providing help to people in distress"
Recent Happenings
NIDAN SEVA SANSTHAN HAS SUCCESSFULLY ORGANISED 169 EYE CAMPS IN VARIOUS VILLAGES,TOWNS AND CITIES OF RAJASTHAN. Our 170th Free Eye Camp will be organised on SUNDAY 24th May,2017 at ANANDLOK BLOCK A, Village MAHESHPURA, Near Toll Plaza, Sikar Road Jaipur from 10.00 AM to 01.00 PM. Please come and join all. General Secretary. To watch NIDAN activities on Facebook page Login at Please make sure to search as there are many web sites similar to it on net. Thanks. Click here to contact us.

Nidan Seva Sansthan
Our Vision: The basic aim of NIDAN is to organize Medical Camps and carry on pre-schooling education in rural and slum areas of the nation.
Our Mission: NIDAN’s mission is to ensure “Every Child goes to school and learning well and every ailing person to get medical relief at affordable price and enjoy the life”.
Our Achievement: Woolen cloths distribution,Organised Ayurvedic Health Check up and Acupressure camp,Organised Eye Checkup and Lens Implant Camp.

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